Redemption Kids

Redemption Kids happens each week at 10:00am. You can stop by the kids building to check in your children. Our team of volunteers will be there to help you with the drop off process. Of course, if you would like to have your children worship with you, feel free to bring the whole family into corporate worship time.

We strive to set high standard when it comes to the safety and education for our children. All of our teachers and volunteers undergo background checks, and also have read and affirmed the Redemption Hill Church Statement of faith. Each classroom, has an appropriate Bible study and crafts tailored specific for their ages.

We offer classes for Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, and Elementary

Check In

  • Parents/Guardians bring children to the Check In Station.
  • Parents are given the child’s name tag and parent tag.
  • Parents take the child to the appropriate room and give any special instructions to the teacher.

Check Out

  • Parents will give tag to RHC representative for child to be logged out. Letting us know the child has been picked up and safely in parents care.

  • Children should be picked up in their classrooms after being checked out.

Redemption Mens

When following the Titus 2 model for discipleship, we want to encourage men to be more like Christ by gathering, praying and growing in the Word together. Unity is designed by God for his joy and our good.

Redemption Women

The Redemption Hill Women’s Discipleship Ministry serves under the leadership and authority of the pastor/elders of Redemption Hill Church. Our desire is to see women redeemed by the gospel, transformed by the gospel, and to see those women share the gospel with others. We seek to develop relationships that result in discipleship opportunities which help women learn how to live out the gospel in their God given identity as women who love and follow Jesus.

Our greatest purpose is to see God glorified in all we do.

Redemption Students

In our student ministry, we seek to make disciples by building gospel maturity in our 6th-12th graders and helping them grow deeper in their faith. We also desire for our teens to feel as though they are part of the church. We don’t want church to be just something their parents are doing, but rather something that they themselves are involved in. Our hope is that students would see Redemption Hill as their church that they would serve and participate in the church as a vital part of God’s mission here.



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