Giving back to God is an integral part of our worship.

What is Tithing?

A tithe—which just means “tenth”—is defined as the first 10% of a person’s income before taxes or anything else comes out. The Bible says we can take the promises of God to the bank. When we bring our first and best back to God, He promises to bless the rest. We can’t outgive God. We know tithing is a huge step of obedience, but you’re not in this alone!

Schedule Your Giving

Your life is busy these days, isn’t it? Between paying bills, running errands, and remembering birthdays and anniversaries, giving can easily get put on the back burner. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can literally schedule your next gift in two minutes. Go ahead, give your brain a break. It deserves it.

Other Ways to Give

Online Giving

Automatic bill pay is a great way to give regularly and consistently to Redemption Hill. In addition, it saves the church transaction and credit card processing fees! That means 100% of your gift goes directly to fund the operation and vision of Redemption Hill Church.

You can set up Automatic Bill Pay through your bank’s online banking portal. You can list the churches name and address as follows: Redemption Hill Church, 907 Lucas Street, Erwin, NC 28339.

Text To Give

Text any dollar amount to 84321 to give (Standard text messaging rates do apply). The first time you use the Text to Give feature you’ll follow a quick, self-guided setup process to tie your mobile phone to Redemption Hill, your donor account, and a payment source. After that, donating is as easy as sending a text.

Give by Check

You can give a check in person or by mail. Mail a check to made out to Redemption Hill Church to:

Redemption Hill Church
907 Lucas Street
Erwin, NC 28339


The Church Center App is the fastest way to get information about our church, browse and join groups, register for events, and give to your church on iOS.

Use your credit card, setup a bank account, or use Apple Pay to give quickly to our church.


For questions regarding finances, contact us at