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Family Portrait: Jacob – Genesis 25-35

Sean Bass March 20, 2017 Family Portrait


Key Text: Genesis 25-35

As we continue in the family portrait series we look at the life of Jacob. His life was a life marked by constant wrestling. He wrestled with his brother for the blessing of Isaac. He wrestled with his father-in-law, and finally he wrestled with God. Jacob lived his life based on an identity he formed for himself. But through His wrestling with Jacob, God transformed him into someone new. It was through his brokenness that Jacob realized the fullness of his identity in God. We see the gospel at work even here. We too struggle with the identities that we have built for ourselves, good or bad. But there is a better identity available to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Sermon Point

  1. A Lifetime of Wrestling
  2. The Main Event
  3. Winning Happens Through Weakness

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