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Family Portrait: Adam – Romans 5:12-14

Sean Bass February 20, 2017 Family Portrait


Key Text: Romans 5:12-14

In this series, Family Portrait, we are looking at Christ’s family tree. This sermon takes a look at Adam. As we study the first man, we see how he was given everything and how it all took a dark turn. One man’s actions, the original sin, condemned the whole world. Now, we live our lives in the aftermath of that original sin. We feel the affects of it everyday, just as susceptible to the lies of the serpent as the first man and woman. But thankfully the story does not end there, the grace of God makes a way for us. Though God curses man, He also makes a promise of things to come.

Jesus is the offspring that crushes the head of the serpent. We see how Jesus is the truer and better Adam. We are all condemned through original sin, but in Jesus we can all be justified. Christ is the rescuer of humanity. One man’s disobedience condemned all, but through Christ’s obedience, even to death, we are all given righteousness.The whole world is saved through His actions.

This is the hope that we have. We are all sinners, living in the aftermath of the fall of man, facing death but because of Christ’s sacrifice we can have life. You are either in the family of Adam, or you are in the family of Christ. Which family are you in?

Sermon Points

  1. Adam: the Ruin of Humanity
  2. Jesus: The Second Adam, The Rescuer of Humanity

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