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Hope, Meaning, & Connection

This April



 Let’s be honest

There was a time in my life when, while carrying an unbearable weight, I felt utterly lost and alone. I felt frozen with the world spinning out of control around me. It was in the midst of this mess that Jesus found me. As I was drawn back into a local church, I found hope, peace, and acceptance that I still have to this day. Not every day is great, and certainly things are rarely perfect, but in Jesus I found something greater than my sorrow and anxiety. I’m sure that you can relate these feelings with a similar time in your life. Whether you are experiencing all of this now or have in the past, know that Redemption Hill is a place to be seeking answers. If you are lost, if you are seeking, if you are hurting, if you are hopeless, of if you are any of the other thousand negative emotions that we fell in a day, this is a place for answers. This is a place for hope. 

What is expected of me?

You may have some passing knowledge of what church is, or you may have never stepped foot in one, either way we want to invite you to come find answers. We, at Redemption Hill, believe in a ‘come as you are’ philosophy. This means whatever clothes are comfortable for you. You don’t have to wear a particular style of dress, as long as you are comfortable. This more importantly means with all of your struggles, worries, doubts, and insecurities. This is the wonderful thing about the hope that Jesus has to offer, it doesn’t require anything from you. He will meet you, whatever you are wearing, in whatever mess you are in. 

If you are unfamiliar with church, this is a place where a community of people gather together to sing, to pray, and to worship God. Even though others will sing, you don’t have to. Even though we will pray, you may simply sit in silence. We will have a church leader, Pastor Sean Bass, read and talk about a passage from the Bible. We hope that this discussion of a passage from the book of John will be helpful for you.   


Connection Point

Beginning at 10AM, we will have a selection of small brunch foods and snacks available on sight. As a guest at Redemption Hill, you are invited, along with your family and friends, to come grab something to eat. You can stop by after either of our services.

We will have some people who regularly attend around to chat with. Whether you just want to say ‘hi’ or have some questions, they will be happy to talk with you. But if you don’t feel like hanging around, that’s okay too. You are still welcome to grab a snack or two for the road. 

This opportunity will be available after our 9AM service, as well as before and after our 10:30AM service.  

We have a place for kids too

Your kids are welcome with you are Redemption Hill too. During our 10:30AM gathering we even has a special place for children birth-2nd grade. 

Options for Kids

If you are comfortable, you are welcome to have your children participate in our child specific activities. However, if you prefer, they are more than welcome to stay with you.

Safety Is a Priority

If you would like to have you child(ren) participate in our Kid’s classes, we have measures in place to keep them safe. Our team in the RHC Kid’s building will be happy to go over them.

Welcome in Service

Your child(ren) are welcome to attend service with you. If you choose to have them sit with you, instead of attend any of the kid’s classes, we have a gift bag for them. It includes small items that they can use on Sunday and take with them. 

Easter Countdown








We are excited to see you!

We hope to see you on April 17th at either our 9AM or 10:30AM gathering.

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