Lisa Hatfield

by | Jun 21, 2019

Lisa Hatfield

Lisa Hatfield

Women's Ministry Director

One interesting fact about me

An interesting thing about me is probably more about my husband than me. Yes, he is directly descended from Devil Anse Hatfield, of the infamous Hatfield family. Anything about me pales in the interest field compared to that.

What do you do at Redemption Hill?

I have the privilege of leading the Women’s Ministry Team

How did you learn about Jesus?

I grew up in a Christian home. Life centered around church and church activities. As I grew older, I began to feel that the Christian life was all about rules that I could not or did not want to keep. I considered myself a Christian because I had prayed a prayer as a child, but I did not desire the things of God. I felt guilty all the time and when I left home, I left church behind as well. Many years later, after my first son was born, my Father challenged me, telling me that I was responsible for my son’s spiritual welfare. This angered me, but God used this to draw me to Him. I decided that I should take my son to church. A friend and I started going to a local church with our young children. I did not think I needed anything from church. It became clear that there was something among the people there that I did not have and this touched me deeply. God revealed His grace to me. I realized that I had never believed in Jesus in a way that recognized all He had done for me at the cross, and that He deserved to be the Lord of my life. I admitted my need for Him – for His forgiveness and His redemption. My life changed! It was not about rules. It was about Him. Now I have joy in God, in His Word, and I desire to live in a way that brings glory to Him.

Favorite expression or phrase:

My husband and I have a lot of inside jokes. “I’ll pay you a thousand dollars.” “That’s nice, that’s real nice”. I have also begun to respond with “Whatever”. This is a not a dismissive response, but a submissive one. I am learning to roll with whatever God brings into my life.

Favorite food or drink:

Seafood. I do love my coffee…and Diet Mountain Dew

You’ll never see me without…

I’d like to say a smile, but more truthfully – probably either a cup of coffee or a Diet Mountain Dew

Favorite verse:

How can a person have only one favorite verse? Pretty much any verse that begins with “But God…”. One such favorite passage is Ephesians 2:4-10


My husband Lloyd and I have been married for 35 years. We have a blended family that includes 3 adult sons, a wonderful daughter in law, and 6 grandchildren.