Elizabeth Bradley

by | Jun 12, 2019

Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth Bradley

Church Administrator

One interesting fact about me
Is it okay to confess here, the well kept secret, that there’s really nothing interesting about me? I’m a rather dull and boring person.

What do you do at Redemption Hill?
Mostly clerical things, send lots of emails, try and keep things organized, general office stuff.

How did you learn about Jesus?
I grew up in church being taught about and hearing of Jesus. I gave my life to Christ all those years ago, but it wasn’t until I started attending Theater Church (now Redemption Hill) that I came to have a relationship with and come to more fully know Jesus.

Favorite expression or phrase
“Goonies Never Say Die!”

Favorite food or drink
Nothing beats a GOOD cup of coffee, especially with good company. And I will devour anything Chinese or Japanese (within reason).

You’ll never see me without…
You will probably see me with out one thing or another at some point in time. I’m always missing something. Prime example, today I left my phone at home when leaving for work. I’ve been phone-less all day.

Favorite verse
“He must become greater, I must become less.” John 3:30

I have parents, a mother and a father. I only have the one younger sister in Asheville. I have a very large and wonderful church family. Also, I have two cute and cuddly puppies, Anna & Whis. Oh, and my wonderful husband Justin.