Cathrine Gordon

by | Jun 12, 2019

Cathrine Gordon

Cathrine Gordon

Student Ministry Director

One interesting fact about me:
I am a high school teacher who really LOVES dinosaurs. I have a dinosaur cork board AND lamp in my classroom.

What do you do at Redemption Hill?
Student Ministry Director

How did you learn about Jesus?
Growing up, my mom or grandma always took me and my sister to church. At a young age, I asked the Lord into my heart. I continued going to church and learning about God, but I truly understood the value of a relationship with Christ when I was a freshman in college at Campbell University. I have been falling more and more in love with Jesus ever since.

Favorite expression or phrase:
I teach, so I am forever telling my students, “Pull your britches up!” It has become a great enjoyment of mine to learn who knows the word “britches” and who does not.

Favorite food or drink:
Cherry Coke Zero and Ice Cream (Brownie Batter from Sunny Sky’s especially)

You’ll never see me without…
my phone

Favorite verse:
John 16:33

I have a mom and a dad who live in Mount Airy (where I’m from), a sister who lives with me (in Dunn), one dog (who also lives with me in Dunn), and about 100+ kids, also known as my students.