Amy Williams

by | Jun 12, 2019

Amy Williams

Amy Williams

Redemption Kids Director

One interesting fact about me
I have an obsession with “Junk”! I take thrift store finds and attempt to create beautiful pieces. I also have a BFA in fine arts and an associate degree in graphic design.

What do you do at Redemption Hill?
Redemption Hill Kids Director

How did you learn about Jesus?
Growing up I was blessed to be in a family that surrounded me with the Gospel. At the age of 6, God spoke to my heart one Saturday morning while watching cartoons. Immediately, I asked my mom how to be saved. Sitting on her bed, she led me to Jesus. A day I will never forget.

Favorite expression or phrase
“Mama, Mama, Mama…”

Favorite food or drink
Sweet Tea and fruit

You’ll never see me without…
Some sort of jewelry/accessory and one or all three of my baby girls.

Favorite verse
Psalm 23

Kevin, Kylie, Mia and Josie